Who can register to vote in Clarke County?

You may register to vote in Clarke County if:

  • You are a U.S. Citizen;
  • You are a resident of Clarke County (a person who has come to Clarke County for temporary purposes and intends to return to another locality or another state is not considered a resident for voting purposes);
  • You are 18 years old (or 17 and will be 18 at the next general election);
  • You are not claiming the right to vote in any other State;
  • You are not currently declared mentally incompetent by a court of law;
  • You have not been convicted of a felony; or if you have been convicted of a felony, your right to vote has been restored.

How can I find out if I am already registered in Clarke County?

What if I changed my name or address?

  • Update your voter information at the Virginia Department of Elections website
  • Complete a new Voter Registration Application, OR
  • Complete the back of your existing Voter Registration Card (don't forget to SIGN!) and mail or bring it by the Voter Registration office.

What are the deadlines to register to vote, or change my name and address?

  • General and Primary Elections: 21 days before election
  • Special Elections: 13 days before election
  • Special Elections called by the Governor: 6 days before the election

For registration deadline dates, click on the following link: Election Calendar

How do I get a new Voter Registration Card?

  • Call the Voter Registration Office at 540-955-5168

Where can I go to register to vote?

Persons eligible to register can obtain a registration application at any of the following locations:

  • Register to vote at the Virginia Department of Elections website
  • Download VA Voter Registration Application
  • Local voter registration office: 101 Chalmers Ct., Berryville VA
  • State or local government offices when applying or recertifying for Aid to Dependent Children, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Rehabilitation Services
  • Government offices in the State that provide State-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities
  • Armed forces recruitment offices
  • Public libraries
  • Department of Motor Vehicles offices
  • Registration Drives

To ensure a successful registration

  • Answer ALL questions
  • Complete ALL information blocks
  • Sign and date the registration application
  • Mail or hand-deliver completed application to:

Clarke County Office of Elections
P. O. Box 555
101 Chalmers Ct.
Berryville VA 22611

Failure to complete the form properly may result in delays or having your application denied. You must provide your social security number, if any, when applying to register to vote in Virginia. If you do not provide your social security number, your voter registration will be denied. State and local voting officials will use your social security number as a unique identifier to insure that no person is registering in more than one place. Records containing your social security number are only open to inspection by the public after removal of the social security number in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. Your social security number will appear on reports produced only for official use by voter registration.

The answers to the following questions may also be found at the Virginia Department of Elections' website at elections.virginia.gov




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