Polling Place Lines & You

Lines are inevitable.  There has been an increase of over 2,000 registered voters in Clarke County over the past three years.  Looking forward, more growth and lines are inevitable.

Local Electoral Boards and General Registrars have taken, and are taking, actions to minimize the causes of long lines that are under their control - increased and improved training of election officials, and splits in the pollbooks to create more check-in stations.  While these actions will go a long way toward alleviating some of the problems, they all come at an increased cost, and are only a minor fraction of what can be accomplished if everyone gets involved, including YOU.

Know Before You Go

Check your Voter Registration ID Card to determine your polling location.  Don't have a card?  Call your General Registrar!  Assisting lost voters is time-consuming, slows the check-in process, and creates increased personnel demands on local offices.

Learn about the candidates and issues before Election Day.  Asking for this information at the polls creates backups in the lines, and may even create thorny legal issues for volunteer poll workers.  That's right, legal issues, because election officials are forbidden by law to provide any information that may influence your vote!  Even providing something as simple as how to spell a candidate's name may be taboo!  It is the voter's responsibility to become informed before going to the polls.

Prepare Yourself

Bring a valid ID and have it ready to show to the Pollbook Officer when asked.  Digging in your pocket for a wallet or rooting around in a deep purse to try to find your ID slows down the check-in process and makes those behind you wait even longer.

2014 Virginia Election Laws require every voter voting in person to show a valid Photo Identification.  Voters without valid identification must vote a Provisional Ballot.  The Provisional Ballot will not be counted unless the voter provides valid identification to the local electoral board or registrar by 12-noon on the Friday following the election.

Virginia laws also require that you state, out loud, your full legal name and current residence address.  Don't hesitate when asked.  You are only delaying the inevitable and making others wait.


Virginia Election Laws prohibit the displaying of campaign material inside the polling place or within 40 feet of the entrance.  Campaign material can consist of literature, candidate or party buttons and t-shirts.  Please be understanding and cooperative when the election officials ask you to remove or cover such campaign material.

It's Up To YOU!

YOU can greatly enhance the voting experience for yourself and everyone else.  YOU can speed up processing.  YOU can shorten lines.  YOU can gain great personal satisfaction from exercising your right to vote.  Or, you can complain about the long line you have to endure to cast your ballot.  It's your choice.  It's your vote.