Grinder Pump Information for Millwood Sewer Customers

  • No customer should ever attempt to access or attempt to repair the grinder pump, grinder pump tank, electrical wires, control panel, or the sewer line from the grinder pump to the sewer main.
  • The grinder pump tank and lid are made of fiberglass. DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE LID.
  • In the event of a power failure, keep your water usage to a minimum.
  • If there is a grinder pump failure, an alarm horn and light will automatically turn on; alarms are located on the alarm/control panel mounted on the outside of your house. If the alarm is activated, you should:
  1. Discontinue water use to prevent overflow and sewage backup into your house.
  2. Turn off the audio alarm by depressing the button on the alarm/control panel.
  3. Wait fifteen (15) minutes before taking further action. A temporary high level of water will sometimes cause the alarm to go on. This situation may correct itself. The wet well will automatically be pumped down, and the light will go off.
  4. If fifteen (15) minutes have passed and the alarm light is still on, immediately call Inboden Environmental Services at 1-800-648-1010.
  5. Never attempt to open the tank cover or the electrical panel box.
  6. CCSA personnel, or a CCSA authorized technician are on duty twenty-four (24) hours a day, and will reset the alarm. Only your name, address, and phone number will be required to be given when reporting a failure. Water usages should be limited until the arrival of the service technician.

The following items are some, not all, examples of items that SHOULD NOT be placed down drains or toilets: Glass, Cloth, Metal, Plastic, Diapers, Seafood shells, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Hair Clippings, Explosives, Strong Chemicals, Gasoline, Antifreeze, Flammable Materials, Paint, Grease, Cooking Fat/Oil, Degreasing Solvent, Dust Siffers, Clorox wipes, Baby wipes, and Motor Oil. If the CCSA finds that a grinder pump is not functioning due to any of the aforementioned materials being discharged into the sewer system, the customer may be responsible for all associated repair costs to the grinder pump and may be charged a grinder pump obstruction fee in the amount not to exceed $500.00.

A customer cutting off electricity to the grinder pump and/or tampering with the grinder pump, without CCSA approval, will be responsible for all associated repair costs and may be fined.