Where to Pay Bills

Payment may be mailed to P. O. Box 327, Berryville, Virginia 22611 or made in person at the Clarke County Treasurer’s Office in Berryville. 

Payments can be made over the phone by contacting the Clarke County Treasurer's Office at (540) 955-5160.  Convenience fees may apply when paying over the phone.


  • Bills for sewer, water, and/or other services are mailed on a single customer invoice every other month.
  • Both water and sewer service bills are based on water consumption shown by an actual meter reading.
  • Adjustments to sewer charges will not be made for outside use of water such as pools, lawns, and gardens.

Past Due Accounts

  • A penalty charge will be applied to payments received after close of business on the due date shown on the bill. · Bills are overdue 30 days past the due date on the bill. Overdue accounts are sent a cut off notice, giving the date the service will be discontinued unless the bill is paid in full.
  • An administrative-processing termination fee becomes due and payable at the time this notice is sent, even if service is not physically cut off. If the service is terminated, a termination/reconnection fee is added to the customer’s account. The total balance including all termination fees must be paid in full before the service will be reactivated.
  • Partial payments do not automatically suspend an action by the Authority to discontinue service. The Authority is not responsible for bills, notices, or payments not received after posting in the U.S. Postal System.


  • The due date on the bill is for new charges only nad does not provide additional time to pay past due amounts.

Billing Adjustment for Leaks

  • No abatement shall be made for leaks or for water wasted by improper or damaged service pipes or fixtures belonging to the customer, except, however, in the case of an underground leak, an adjustment may be made of fifty percent of the water service charge and one-hundred percent of the sewer service charge of the amount in excess in a bill due to this cause, based on an average of the previous three consecutive-like periodic bills provided the customer promptly and properly repairs such leak when detected. The Authority will have the final determination as to the amount of water lost by the leak. Bills will not be adjusted for more than two billing cycles.


  •  Before the CCSA will consider a billing adjustment, the customer must forward a copy of the receipt. The receipt should show the customer’s name and service address, when the repair was made, a brief description of the repair, and the name of the contractor who made the repair.