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Application for New Water/Sewer Customer


Leak/High Billing Adjustment Application

As of September 18, 2012, any new customer who opens a water and/or sewer account in his/her name and is not the property owner will be required to pay a security deposit before the account will be created. Please see the application for more information. This new policy is in accordance with Virginia State Code ยง15.2-2119 and HB 567.


CCSA Rules and Regulations 02-21-17


Water Quality Reports (CCR Reports)

2016 Water Quality Report

2015 Water Quality Report

2014 Water Quality Report

2013 Water Quality Report

2012 Water Quality Report

2011 Water Quality Report

2010 Water Quality Report

The Clarke County Sanitary Authority is a governmental corporation created by the Clarke County Board of Supervisors in January 1988. The purpose of the Authority is to provide water and wastewater service to the residents of Boyce, Millwood, and the Waterloo Commercial district. Exclusive Sewer Service areas define those properties that may be connected to the sewer system. Sewage waste is processed at the Boyce Sewage Treatment Facility.

The public water supply is Prospect Hill Spring. Water service is provided to the residents of Boyce, Millwood, White Post, and the Waterloo Commercial District. General water line location information is avaible in map form.

Contact Information

Mike Legge
Voice: (540) 955-5185
Fax: (540) 955-0456
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Inboden Environmental Services
System maintenance, service provider
(800) 648-1010 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Inboden Environmental Services
Emergencies only
(540) 325-0748  
Boyce Wastewater Treatment Plant (540) 837-2940  


Call Before Digging

  • Customers are asked to call Inboden Environmental Services (1-800-648-1010) before beginning any excavating project. The CCSA, at its own expense, will have Inboden Environmental Services mark the location of water and sewer mains for the purpose of protecting its distribution and collection systems during construction. Written request of a property owner to perform markings shall be delivered with reasonable notice to authorized personnel. Such markings may, however, be approximate, and may not be complete or accurate. Responsibility for damage to mains will remain the responsibility of the property owner regardless of the location of the markings.
  • Markings of customer laterals must be arranged with a qualified plumber.
  • Customers are also encouraged to call Miss Utility before beginning any excavating project in order to ensure that all telephone and cable lines have been marked.