Recycling and Waste Management in Clarke County

Clarke County participates in a regional landfill and recycling program, along with Frederick County and Winchester City.. Clarke County residents may use many of the convenience centers in addition to  the Frederick County landfill.  Clarke County residents may use the following convenience centers::

Greenwood Road
Double Tollgate
Landfill Citizens Center

For the latest information on Frederick county solid waste services (locations, hours, etc)  please visit their website .

Residents of Berryville
The Town of Berryville offers curbside recycling in addition to weekly trash pickup.  Recycling bins are available free of charge from the Town office.  For more information visit the Town of Berryville website.

Clarke County Litter and Recycling Committee

The Clarke County Litter and Recycling Committee has been in existance since the mid 1980's in various forms.  The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality  (DEQ) provides funds for litter prevention and recycling grants to localities under a non-competitive grant program based on population and road miles. These grants have been awarded annually, since 1980, to localities for local litter prevention and recycling program implementation, continuation, and/or expansion.  Clarke County received $6,500 last year for the Litter and Recycling program. Visit DEQ's website for more information on State litter and recycling initiatives.

Purpose:                An ad-hoc committee of volunteers formed to address energy waste and littered roads and rivers.
  • To raise public awareness of environmental issues
  • To promote recycling to minimize our impact on the environment
  • To discourage littering to enhance our quality of life
  • Sponsoring recycling programs in Clarke County schools
  • Providing environmental education to county school children
  • Organizing road and river cleanups
  • Posting signage on county roads to discourage littering
  • Identifying litter and dumping violations to the authorities and helping obtain convictions.
Current Members:
- Dana Storm - Chair
- Bill Johnston - Vice Chair, Secretary
- Art Crow
- Bud Nagelvoort
- John Crawford
- Winkie Mackay-Smith
- Nick Smart
- Ed Novak
- Nancy Specht
- Tom Cammack
- Carolyn Farouki
- Barbara Byrd - BOS Liaison
- Alison Teetor - Staff

Meeting Information:                

Every fourth Wednesday, 4:00 pm, 2nd Floor Government Center, 101 Chalmers Ct., Berryville, VA

Staff Representative:

Alison Teetor, Natural Resource Planner.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.