Quarterly Newsletters

In 2006 the Easement Authority started publishing quarterly newsletters to keep citizens informed as to the Authority's activities.  The general format includes summaries of easement holdings, interviews with persons who have placed their property in easement, and information about Conservation Easements.   Below is a short synopsis of each publication.  Please click on the date to view the complete newsletter.


Current Issue Fall 2010

- summary of fiscal impact study (complete study)
-  financial benefits of Conservation Easements for all of us

Summer 2010

- Public Response to DUR Purchase Program
- Wyatt/Clark Easement Purchase

Spring 2010

Encourage citizens to consider placing their land in easement

Winter 2010

- Recap of Photo Contest
- Board approves DUR Purchase Program


Fall 2009

- Summary of 2009 Easement acquisitions
- Request for Photo Contest Entries

Summer 2009

- Donor reception recap
- Update on Greenway Court rehabilitation efforts

Spring 2009

- Easement Purchase for Holy Cross Abbey
- Request for Easement Applications

Winter 2009

- Summary of 2008 Easement acquisitions
- Authority receives VDACS grant $49,900


Fall 2008

- Joe Sipes Easement Donation
- Blue Ridge Civic Association hosts CEA

Summer 2008

- 3rd Annual Donor Thank You Reception

Spring 2008

- Russel Easement Purchase
- Authority receives VDACS grant $403,200

Winter 2008

- Kohn Easement Donation
- Summary of 2007 Easement acquisitions


Fall 2007

- The First 5 Years - summary of activities
- landuse article

Summer 2007

- Easement donation update
- Mesilla Easement Donation

Spring 2007

- Summary of 2006 Easement acquisitions
- Chandler Easement Donation


Fall 2006

- Inaugural Issue
- Grant purchases


Welcome to the Clarke County Business Page


Clarke County is a community with a unique blend of the traditional and progressive.  We are located on the western edge of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and have taken strides to provide commercial opportunity for multiple levels of land use intensity, while also preserving the Clarke County's agricultural, open space and historical heritage.  Clarke County's proximity to Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC and Interstate 81 is certainly reason enough to consider Clarke County as a place to do business, but if you are looking for a quality of life for yourself and your family, then Clarke County is the only place to locate your business!


General Information and Contact Persons

Population: 15,000

Size: 174 square miles (111,360 acres)

Location: We are just 60 miles west of Washington, DC in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  Interstate 81 is 10 minutes west of Berryville and Dulles International airport is less tlhan 40 minutes away to our east. 

The Blue Ridge Mountains separates Clarke County from Loudoun County. 

The Shenandoah River follows along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Clarke County.

County Business License Fee: $30 annually, regardless of the size or type of business or it's gross income.

Berryville Business License Fee: License fee is based on gross receipts (BPOL) that is generally 50%-60% less than all our surrounding localities. 

County Fiscal Condition: Only 7 counties out of 95 in the State of Virginia had a more favorable "composite fiscal stress" ranking than Clarke County.

Average County Wage (2008): $33,259

High Speed Internet: Fiber optic runs the length of the County along Route 340.  Berryville is fully serviced for high speed internet.  Although, most of the County does not have access to cable or fiber optic, satellite technology and small start up companies are now capable of provided the high speed service required for today's businesses.

General Tax Information

County Real Estate Tax Rate: .655 cents per $100

County Machinery and Tools Tax Rate:
$1.25 per $100

Berryville Real Estate Tax Rate:
.136 cents per $100

Berryville Machinery and Tools Tax Rate:
$1.05 per $100

more information

Contact Persons

If you are planning to locate or expand your business in Clarke County or Berryville please contact the following persons in the jurisdiction of your specific needs:

Clarke County

Economic Developer - Len Capelli (540-955-5107)
Senior Planner / Zoning Administrator - Ryan Fincham (540-955-5131)
Director of Planning - Brandon Stidham (540-955-5130)


Planning and Zoning - Christy Dunkle (540-955-4081)




Two major arterials, Routes U.S. 50 and Route 7 bisect the County east and west.  Route 340 bisects the County north and south.  Interstate 81 is approximately 8 miles west of Berryville and Route 66 is approximately 15 miles from Berryville near Clarke County's southern border.


The Norfolk -Southern's "Crescent Corridor" rail line parallels Route 340 and passes through both Berryville and Boyce, as well as the Clarke County Business Park.  The "Crescent Corridor provides rail service between New Orleans and New Jersey.  The segment of rail passing through Clarke County is designated as a high capacity route. 

Virginia Inland Port

The Virginia Inland Port is located only a few miles from  Clarke County's southern border with Warren County where the Inland Port is located.  The Virginia Inland Port is owned and operated by the Virginia Port Authority and is designed to provide quick and efficient delivery of container goods from the Shenandoalh Valley to Hampton Roads, one of the largest ports on the east coast, via the Norfolk Southern Railway.  The toll free number is 800-883-7678. 
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Zoning Map

The Clarke County zoning map provides the zoning designation for each area in Clarke County.  You may also wish to go to the County Online Mapping system that will provide additional information for every parcel in Clarke County.  For zoning maps please click below.

Zoning Maps

Workforce and Foreign Trade Zone

Although Clarke County is small in size and in population with only approximately 15,000 people, over 400,000 people live with 30 minutes of us.  On Clarke County's western borden is Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia with a combined population of approximately 95,000 people.  On the County's eastern border is Leesburg and Loudoun County with a combined population of approximately 280,000 people.  On our northern border is Jefferson County, West Virginia with a population of over 50,000 people.  The population is quite diverse and can meet the needs of any company on nearly every level.

Clarke County has also included itself in the Washington-Dulles Foreign Trade Zone overlay district.  Clarke County's inclusion into this overlay district allows for businesses to receive duty free treatment for those items processed or warehoused in the FTZ that are then to be re-exported.  If those items are to be resold in the U.S. market, the duty payment would be deferred until those items are actually marketed.  The FTZ is managed by the Washington  Airports Task Force and can be reached at 703-572-8714.
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Schools and Medical Centers

Colleges and Universities in Vicinity

1) Shenandoah University (Winchester, Virginia) - 10 miles
2) Shepherd University (Shepherdstown, West Virginia) - 13.5 miles
2) Lord Fairfax Community College (Middletown, Virginia) - 17.3 miles
4) George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia) - 42 miles
5) James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia) - 75 miles
6) University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia) - 82 miles

*Distances calculated from Berryville

Public and Private Schools in Clarke County

1) Clarke County Public School System (grades K-12)
more information

2) Powhatan School (private school grades K-8)
more information

3) Keystone Christian Academy (private school grades K-12)
more information

4) Grafton School (Special needs school)
more information

Medical Centers in Vicinity

1) Winchester Medical Center (Winchester) -11.8 miles
2) Loudoun Hospital Center (Leesburg area) - 22.3 miles
3) Jefferson Memorial Hospital (Charles Town, West Virginia) - 11.2 miles
4) Warren Memorial Hospital (Front Royal) - 19.2 miles



Agriculture is a vital part of the Clarke County Economy and is a highly diversified local industry.  The agricultural industry in Clarke County ranges form conventional beef and dairy farming to specialty fruit and vegetable processing, farmers markets, vineyards, wholesale nurseries, to horse breeding operations that range from Triple Crown racers to fox hunters, jumpers, and three day eventers. 

Clarke County prides itself in its agrarian past and has taken active steps to make agriculture a vital part of their Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance, so as to ensure that agriculture is not only a large part of our present day life, but will remain a large part of our future as well. 


pumpkin_carAgritourism is one of the fastest growing small industries in Virginia, and Clarke County is ideally situated to take advantage of this new movement back to the land and way from the pavement!  Clarke County has not only been the leader in Virginia to protect and preserve their agricultural and forestal lands, but their proximity to the northern Virginia suburbs and cities makes for a ready made customer base that is continually asking for more than what the typical store has to offer. 

Agritourism is the practice of attracting visitors and travelers to agricultural areas, generally for educational and recreational purposes.  It also includes the selling of your produce grown or raised on your property.

Agritourism can be accomplished of properties as small as 3- acres or can be an income suppllement for larger conventional farms.  Clarke County has made getting started simple and streamlined. The following are examples of agritourism businesses and any given business may incorporate more than one such business on the same property.  The examples listed below require only a single page zoning application and business license and the entire process can take less than 15 minutes!

Farm Wineries
Farm Markets
Herb Farms
Wholesale Landscape Production of Plants, Trees and Shrubs
Christmas Tree Farms
Accessorty Gift Stores (limited to 25% of the floor space of your home or equal size to an accessory building)
Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegatables
Pick Your Own Flowers or Wayside Stand Sales
Equine Activities such as boarding, riding lessons and trail rides
Small Scale Production of Local Produce such as honey, jelly, jams, herbs, meats
Farm Picnics
Small Scale Farm Animal Petting Zoo

These are just a few examples.  Let your imagination take you further and be sure to contact the Clarke County Zoning Administrator at 540-955-5132 and have their staff help you get started right away!

"What is Agritourism and how do I get started?"

Useful links

Clarke County Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Virginia Farm Bureau

Clarke County Equine Alliance

Other Useful Links


Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce (Clarke, Frederick and Winchester)

Berryville Main Street, Inc.

Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center

Information Coming Soon.

The Office of the County Administrator is the highest level management office of the Clarke County government. The County Administrator directs and supervises the day-to-day operations of all county departments and agencies which are under the direct control of the Board of Supervisors, pursuant to county ordinances and regulations.

The Office of the County Administrator also provides administrative support to the Board and implements its directives with regard to Board agendas, meetings, resolutions and constituent services. Additionally, the County Administrator serves as the Board of Supervisors' official liaison to the Constitutional Officers, the Judiciary, and state and regional agencies.

David L. Ash

County Administrator


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Lora Walburn

Deputy Clerk to the Board / Executive Assistant


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Brianna Taylor

Administrative Assistant / Employee Support


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Susanne Vaughan

Central Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

(540)955-5100  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meetings with County Administrative Staff by appointment .  To schedule an appointment:

Call:  540-955-5100 Monday thru Friday 9 am to 3 pm; or,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.