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Zoning Administrator
Call Ryan Fincham if you are interested in subdivision, site plan development, or any information on zoning. His general duties include interpreting ordinances; issuing zoning permits; meeting with applicants; and preparing a variety of reports and records.  He also ensures departmental compliance with all applicable codes, laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures; initiates any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.

Ordinances, Maps and Forms
(updated 1/30/18)

ZONING MAPS County Zoning Maps
       ZONING_ORDINANCE_2018 Complete Zoning Ordinance
Section 1 Authority, Purpose, and Intent
Section 2 General Description of Zoning Districts, Map
Section 3 Zoning District Regulations - permitted uses, setbacks, etc.
Section 4 General regulations pertaining to lot configuration, signs, parking, drainage,
Section 5 Special Use Permit regulations
Section 6 Site Plan requirements
Section 7 Board of Zoning Appeals
Section 8 Zoning Amendments
Section 9 Definitions
Section 10 Administration Provisions
  Subdivision_Ordinance_2018 Complete Subdivision Ordinance
Subd. Ord. Table of Contents  
Section 1 Purpose, Title, & General Provisions
Section 2
Section 3 Administration
Section 4
Procedures for Subdivision Approval
Section 5 Environmental Inventory & Impact Statement
Section 6 Consumer Disclosure Statements
Section 7 Details of Plat Requirements
Section 8
Design Requirements includes private access  easements
Section 9 General Regulations
Section 10 Special Regulations - cluster subd., flood plains, boundary line adjustments
Section 11 Improvements & Bonds
Section 12 Effectual Clauses


Land Development Application General Application  form for subdivisions, sites plans, etc.
Home Occupation Permit Home Business application
Land Disturbance Permit

Any soil disturbance acitivity over 10,000 sq. ft. requires a permit

Contact the Building Department

Minor Land Disturbance Permit

Any soil disturbance acitivity under 10,000 sq. ft. requires a permit

Contact the Building Department

Agreement in Lieu of

Soil disturbance acitivity for construction of single family dwelling requires a permit

Contact the Building Department

  Sign Permit No signs maybe erected without a sign permit
  Zoning Permit All structures requires zoning permit
  Certificate of Appropriateness Required if building or altering structures in the White Post or Millwood Historic District
  Land use application filing deadlines Cutoff dates for submission of materials to be placed on Planning Commission meeting agenda
General Information  
Fee Schedule (January 2015) Cost of doing business
  Setback in AOC, FOC and Rural Residential Zoning Districts Building setback requirements
Overview of Clarke County Zoning Regualtions Descibes Clarke's unique Zoning including Sliding Scale
Code of Virginia Link to State regulations