Full-Time Employee Benefit-Government Employees:

Description of employer paid benefits and optional employee paid benefits offered.

Payroll is scheduled for the last working day of the month.

To update your payroll forms, please go to Payroll and Benefits.



Open Enrollment:

The open enrollment period for changes to health insurance and flexible benefits plans runs from May 1 to May 15.  You may only make changes to your health insurance policy or flexible benefits at other times if you have a qualifying status change.  Please see the Health Insurance Application and Change Form part 2G to determine if you have a qualifying status change.  All change forms for open enrollment must be submitted to payroll no later than close of business on May 15th.

In order to retain or add your flexible benefit medical spending or dependent day care account, you must submit a new enrollment form each year during open enrollment
Please note that with the plan year beginning July 1, 2014 you no longer have the 2 1/2 month spend out at the end of the plan year.  Instead, the plan year will only cover expenditures through June 30 and you will be able to carry any remaining balance (up to a maximum of $500) to the next plan year.  Any amount above $500 will still be subject to the use it or lose it rule.  Please note that you will still have until September 30 to submit any claims for the prior plan year. IRS regulations prohibit you from contributing to a Health Savings Account in the same year that you have a medical spending account.  This includes any medical spending carryover that you may have from a previous year.  For this reason, if you think you may go to a high deductible insurance policy with a Health Savings account in the future, you should budget your medical spending account accordingly.

These forms are not designed to be filled out online.  They must be printed, completed and forwarded to to payroll.

While changes to optional life, long term care insurance and tax deferred retirement savings (457) are not restricted to open enrollment, open enrollment is a good time to review all of your benefits and make any necessary changes.

Optional Life - Coverage is guaranteed if you enroll within 31 days of your employment date or a qualifying event, such as marriage or the birth or adoption of a child.  If you enroll outside of this time frame, you may be subject to more rigorous underwriting standards.

Long Term Care - Coverage is guaranteed if you enroll within 60 days of your employment date.  If you enroll outside of this time frame, you may be subject to more rigorous underwriting standards. - Must register online

Tax Deferred Retirement Savings (457) - Must register online


Virgina Retirement Systems:


VRS Website Link

VRS Retirement Publications

Group Life

Optional Life

Long Term Care Insurance

Tax Deferred Retirement Savings (457)


Flexible Benefits Documents:

Introduction to Flexible Benefits

Flex Benefits Manual

Flex Benefits Enrollment Form - You must submit a new form each year to remain enrolled.

Flex Benefits Claims Reimbursement

You can now manage your Flexible Benefits on the go with the MyFlexMobile App.

For more information about Flex Benefits, please click on the link below:

Health Insurance Links:

Health Insurance Eligibility

pdf FY2016 Health Insurance Rates (15 KB)

  pdf FY2017 Health Insurance Rates (15 KB)

Virginia Local Choice Website

Health Insurance Application and Change Form

Accounts Payable Forms:


  document Travel and Mileage Reimbursement Form (105 KB)

Commonwealth of Virginia Travel Regulations


Procurement Forms:

Central Store Requisition

default Delegated PO Form- Order totaling $800 or less

default Requisition Form- Order totaling above $800

Change Order

Procurement Document:

Procurement Policies and Procedures