History of the Commission

The strategic planning process was developed by the Clarke County Fire and EMS Commission (Appendix 1), a group of eight members including the Director of Fire and EMS, firefighters, paramedics, elected county officers and civilian staff. The decision to develop a strategic plan for the fire and EMS system was made by the Board of Supervisors based on the recommendations of a Fire and EMS Workgroup which reported to the Board in February of 2014 after 6 months of work resulting in 25 recommendations for improvement of the system. With the institution of the Fire and EMS Commission in the fall of 2014, work on the plan began.


Commisssion Members

Bryan Conrad - Citizen at Large, Co. 4 – EMT-Intermediate, Past Fire Chief

Brian Lichty- Director of Clarke County Fire, EMS and Emergency Management

Matt Hoff - EMS Representative, Clarke County Fire and Rescue Association

Diane Harrison - Citizen at large

Anthony Roper - Clarke County Sheriff

Andrew Nicholson– Citizen at large

David Weiss - Board of Supervisors Representative

Jacob White - Fire Representative, Clarke County Fire and Rescue Association

 Van Armacost - Chair, Fire Representative, Clarke County Fire and Rescue Association



The Clarke County Department of Fire, EMS and Emergency Management, a unified career and volunteer service department, provides safe and professional response to fire, medical and environmental emergencies. The Department is dedicated to minimizing the loss of life and property through suppression, rescue, education, and other programs.


The vision of the Clarke County Department of Fire, EMS and Emergency Management is to be a fully integrated combination volunteer and career fire, EMS and Emergency Management organization in which well-trained, multi-disciplined and highly skilled personnel utilize state-of the art equipment, technology and apparatus to provide the highest quality of Fire, EMS and Emergency Management Services.


Recognizing the dedication and skill of all members (career and volunteer), we will create and maintain an environment of individual safety, well-being, and trust. We are guided by our Core Values:

  • Professional Excellence
    • Provide the highest level of compassionate service at all times
    • Maintain readiness through preparation and education
    • Investigate and implement change carefully and effectively
    • Accountable to our community, each other, and the Department
  • Teamwork
    • Recognize the long-standing traditions of the community and integrate career and volunteer service.
    • Know and respect everyone’s roles and responsibilities
    • Collaborate to achieve Departmental goals
    • Share authority, responsibility, and credit
  • Integrity
    • Value the trust placed in us by our community, by acting in the best interest of citizens
    • Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior at all times
    • Respect others by being courteous, an active listener, responding appropriately and honestly, and have the willingness to apologize
    • Honor commitments to the community, Department, and each other
    • Strive to treat all people with fairness and equality


Commission Meeting Packets/Documents