Adopt A Hyrdrant Program

Adopt a Hydrant

Winter storms often hide fire hydrants under a mound of snow, making hydrants impossible to find quickly. In the event of a fire, firefighters have to locate and shovel out buried fire hydrants before hooking up to them, losing precious time that could have been spent saving lives and containing a fire.


Residents who adopt hydrants will help the Clarke County by keeping them clear of snow in the winter and overgrowth in the summer. Residents who participate in the program will also report blocked or damaged hydrants year-round.

What to do:

  1. Keep hydrants free of snow and ice.
  2. Keep hydrants free of overgrowth (grass & weeds).
  3. Report any damaged or leaking hydrants to the Clarke County Sanitary Authority: (540) 955-5185.
  4. Report any vehicles blocking hydrants to the Clakre County Sheriff Office at: (540) 955-1234.