Purpose:          To decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Clarke County Health Department in the administration or enforcement of Code of Clarke County Chapter 143 Septic Ordinance .

To decide applications for variances in accordance with the provisions of Code of Clarke County Chapter 143 Septic Systems.
Membership:    The Board of Supervisors appoints the three members of the Board of Septic and Well Appeals:
1)  the member of  the Board of Supervisors, who serves as the Board's liaison to the Planning Commission, with The Vice Chairman of the Board designated as his/her alternate,
2)  the chair of Planning Commission with the vice chair designated as his/her alternate, and
3)  a member of the public, who is a resident of the County, with the vice chair of the Planning Commission designated as his/her alternate.
  Current members

Meeting Information

Scheduled as required
Staff Representative: Ryan Fincham, Senior Planner/Zoning Administrator.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To be eligible for a variance from the Board of Well and Spetic Appeals you must meet one of the 5 following criteria.

Variance criteria.

  1. A habitable building for which the variance is requested is currently occupied.


  2. A habitable building has been destroyed by circumstances beyond the control of the owner or occupant of the building within one year of the variance application.


  3. The building is eligible to be on the Virginia Landmarks Register or the National Register of Historic Places or is eligible to be a contributing property in an historic district listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register or the National Register of Historic Places.


  4. The variance is requested so as to provide for septic systems or water supply systems replacing existing septic systems or water supply systems that are more consistent with the regulations of this article.  A habitable building must be located on the property with the existing septic system or water supply system.


  5. The entire parcel of land has been placed under a permanent conservation easement granted to the Clarke County Conservation Easement Authority, Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District, Virginia Foundation and/or Virginia Board of Historic Resources.

For Additional Information Contact the Staff Representative or visit the Health Department Web page.